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Invitation to the II International Multidisciplinary Congress: New Perspectives in Science and Technology: THE TRANSFORMATIVE ROLE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 🤖✨

The Instituto Tecnológico Roosevelt (México) 🏫, Universidad Mariano Gálvez (Guatemala) 📚 and Universidad Intercontinental (México) 🎓are honored to invite the academic community, researchers, professionals, and students to participate in the II International Multidisciplinary Congress: "New Perspectives in Science and Technology: THE TRANSFORMATIVE ROLE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE", to be held virtually on October 24, 25, and 26, 2024 📅💻.


This congress promises to be a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences around artificial intelligence and its impact on various disciplines. We will have international expert conferences 🌐, round tables, and interactive real-time presentations covering topics such as AI ethics, its applications in medicine 🏥, education 📘, and industry 🏭, as well as the latest technological innovations 🚀.


Main Themes of the Congress


The II CIM 2024 will focus on "The Transformative Role of Artificial Intelligence". Here is a preview of the topics we will cover:


  1. Economic and Business Sciences: From anticipating global economic crises to sentiment analysis in financial markets using AI.

  2. Social Sciences: Including the use of AI in public policy management and urban planning.

  3. Environmental Sciences: Exploring predictive models for sustainable water management and combating climate change.

  4. Regional Sciences: AI tools for sustainable regional planning and development.

  5. Health Sciences and Nursing: AI-based nursing care and treatment personalization.


Open Call for Speakers


Do you have innovative research on artificial intelligence? We want to hear from you! Present your work and projects at the II CIM 2024. Proposals will be evaluated by an international scientific committee, and selected papers will be published in a proceedings book with ISBN and DOI.


How to Participate
  1. Download the congress guidelines and submission requirements.

  2. Make the payment corresponding to your participation modality..

  3. Register as a SPEAKER [here] or as an ATTENDEE [here], you must attach the proof of payment to complete the registration.

  4. Submit your work using the presentation template, and choose the structure according to your work: research or essay.


Descargar PDF • 538KB

Plantilla de presentación de Ponencias II CIM 2024
Descargar DOCX • 155KB

Don't miss the opportunity to share your knowledge and contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence.


5 Reasons to Attend the Congress


  1. 1. Cutting-edge Knowledge: Learn about the latest trends and advancements in artificial intelligence.

  2. Networking: Connect with academics, professionals, and researchers from around the world.

  3. Collaboration Opportunities: Find potential partners for research projects.

  4. Certification: Obtain a certificate that validates your participation and can add to your professional development.

  5. Access to Resources: Gain access to exclusive materials and congress publications..


For additional inquiries, contact us via email at or WhatsApp: +593-99-2882503.


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